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Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) in Jordan have signed with Green Land Alternative Energy LLC. An MOU to execute a 10 MW CPV Solar Field South of Jordan during 2013. The selected... Latest News:

Introduction to GreenLand:

GreenLand is a specialized developer of Utility Scale, Grid Connected, Renewable Energy Projects, with interest in Photovoltaic’s (PV) projects in Jordan and other countries of the region as we foresee a great potential of the technology performance and huge project potential in MENA and GCC.

Technology and Applications:

We have relationships with the best PV technology providers and modules manufacturers around the world that allows us to offer our clients the solution that is best for their project.

Our Development Scope and Partners:

Green Land Alternative Energy develops projects that prove technical and financial robustness, making use of both our experience and our partners. Currently, we have several projects in the pipeline, some of which have become mature enough to move on to the financial clause stage.

Green Land Alternative Energy is established with a mission of producing clean energy with no CO2 emissions in a region where the environment is becoming a priority for different parties including utilities, energy consumers and investors.

Our great flexibility in terms of project size, design, delivery and financial setup, gives us the advantage of delivering projects.